Shabnam is an enthusiastic learner who seems to enjoy school. She comes to school regularly. Good in studies as well as other extracurricular activities. She makes friends easily. Her father’s income is not sufficient to meet both ends of the family and children’s education. Hence the child needs sponsorship support for studies.

Anand Kumar

Anand Kumar is a cute boy. Good in studies and other co-curricular activities. He is well liked by peers and demonstrates leadership skills. He is very thoughtful and takes pride in his work well –done. His father is working in a Pvt. Company and getting very limited income. Samar wants to study till higher level and to become Doctor. Financial support is needed for achieving his ambition.

Mansi Kumari

There were days when we could not eat at all. We used to struggle every day. Mansi Kumari’s father work as labour. He struggle for them and as a result they moved to Hyderabad city. Even moving to the city did not help much. When Mansi’s mother brought him to Ashaa Foundation’s Mission Education he was malnourished, anemic and weak. He hardly ever talked to anybody and hardly paid any attention in class. The teachers did not lose hope and continuously supported him and encouraged her. she has improved a lot now both health wise and in her education. Her mother is very happy to see all the positive changes in her

Priya Kumari

Priya’s father working as a fruit seller and mother as a maid and a family which comprised of Priya’s grandparents and her aunt they never had enough to eat, let alone think about educating Priya or sending her to school. A surprise visit by the teachers of Ashaa Foundation’s Mission Education centre in Dumariya Bihar bought about a huge change in Priya’s life. The girl who once had no knowledge about alphabets or numbers now can read, write and recite poems in Hindi and English and studies in class 5 in the Mission Education centre, Dumariya.


In the slum where I live, many parents are worried about their children’s education. Poverty and circumstances have forced us to always live from hand to mouth. Many girls could not study beyond class 5. My father is a electrician and the last two years, he did not have a job, owing to the pandemic. My mother, a housewife, had to work as a maid to make ends meet. Like many, I was also on the brink of dropping out from would have been almost impossible for me to continue with my education. I want to be a teacher, And I want to help girls in my community complete their education.”


My father went away when I was born, and later my mother died in an accident. But I when I felt I had been orphaned and had no one to love me, Maa brought me to my new home. She is my mother’s cousin sister. I got my own sister in her daughter Kavita. We have grown up together, go to the same school, and share everything with each other. Kavita’s father died five years ago. Since then, Maa has been working in the factory. There is never enough food at home, but whatever we eat, she always divides equally between me and Kavita. I do not remember much about my mother. But Maa makes sure we always take her name in prayer.

Mohit Kumar

Mohit is very smart and intelligent student. He is an all rounder. He participates in class activities. He belongs to a poor family. His father is a conductor. He has 2 brothers and 1 sister. All are studying in same school. His father’s income is not sufficient to meet the requirement of the family. He is not able to pay the fees of his children. Mohit wants to study so he needs financial support to achieve his aim. I will learn dance and perform in the Annual Function this time. Mother will be so happy to see me.” This is 8 year old Mohit’s New Year Resolution

Laxmi Kumari

Laxmi is this little girl to ease the burden of her mother that she has already promised to work very hard and she does so too. She goes to school every day and finishes all her work in time. Earlier Laxmi used to work with her mother doing household chores for other people for a little amount of money. She did not even have time to play. An intervention by Ashaa Foundation’s Mission Education program changed her life completely. She now studies in class 4 of Mission Education’s centre in Narayanpur,Gaya Bihar. She is a bright student and her favorite subject is drawing. Both her mother and she are happy that she is going to school and enjoying it there.


Sneha is an amiable child with good manners. She is keen to learn and makes an effort to improve her performance. She always grasps quickly. She is ready to give her participation in every co-curricular activity. She wants to become a police officer and for this she needs to continue her study. Financial help is very necessary for achieving her dream.

Purnima Kumari

Earlier Purnima, her two brothers Karan and Raju and her grandparents, who these three children stay with, lead a life of despair and poverty. Her mother and father worked in Patna i and used to send some money every month. She usually used to take care of the household chores and her brothers. Seeing all her friends go to school and talk about it she also longed to go to school someday. It was through her friends that Mission Education Program of Ashaa Foundation came to know about Purnima and her brothers. After much discussions and talks with her grandparents Purnima was finally admitted at the centre.

Chetan Kumar

Chetan is a little bit shy, soft-spoken and sincere child. Academically, he is more focused in good grades. He always uses his time wisely. He willingly takes part in classroom activities and outdoor games. He wants to become an Engineer but his father’s income is very low to fulfill his dream. He needs some financial aid to achieve his goal


Arif is excellent in handwriting and the other co-curriculum activity. He is one of the most punctual and obedient student in the class. He always respect his parents, teachers and the elder’s. His father is a driver. He didn’t get enough from his job to run his family and pay school fee. Arifi had a big dream to become an astronaut and for this required a financial support to full fill his dream.


I want to help my father and mother because my father is always sick. The story of Sandhyai is a sad one. Her father met with an accident some years back and is totally bed ridden and her mother works in the nearby households to earn money but whatever she earns half of it is spent on the medicines her father needs. It was Ashaa Foundation’s Mission Education program that was able to rescue Sandhya from her poor conditions and give a direction to her life. She now studies in class 5 in the Mission Education Centre in Village Narayanpur Bihar,Her dream is to become a teacher and Mission Education is helping her realize her dream.


Sandeep Kumar’s parents make a living through Paper box making in a small village of Narayanpur,Bihar, barely earning Rs. 2500 a month. As he grew up, sandeep too started accompanying his parents on their work to earn few extra rupees. It took nearly three years of counseling and countless door to door visits by teachers from Ashaa Foundation at Village Mairgra Disstt Gaya Bihar to convince Sandeep’s parents to send him to school. They had not wanted to part with the little additional income that he had started bringing in. But in the end, when Sandeep insisted, they could not say no to their son.


My father used to sell vegetables, but during the pandemic everything closed down and he was at home. It came to a point where we would eat only once a day to save enough food for the next day. The school was shut down too, and I was not sure if I would ever go back to my studies again. Then one day, Teacher Ji came to our home and explained that from now on they will organize classes in the village temple. Only 8-10 children would attend the class at one time and everyone had to wear masks. I had been ready to give up at that time but that visit from my teacher and the cluster classes that started happening became my only hope.

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