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All Donation to Ashaa Foundation are 50% Tax Exempt under section 80G of IT Act, 1961.

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Various studies, as well as our experience, have shown that when we work towards women empowerment, the whole society benefits. But unfortunately in India, far from empowering women, most are denied even their basic rights like health, education of girls for women empowerment, employment and a respectable status in society. The programm identifies adolescent girls and women from the community and develops them into Change Agents, who in turn actively contribute to the community mobilization. process. through women's education empowerment program and health programmes has successfully made a difference to the lives of over 2310 women and girl children our objective is to support economically less-privileged women from urban slums and rural villages as well as revive traditional art and handicrafts by training and encouraging budding women artisans through our Skill Development Programs. we conduct free skill development courses on Tailoring, Hand Embroidery, and Traditional Painting Methods such as Madhubani and Warli, Beautician courses, Hair Styling, Mehdi, and Creating home decors, Handcrafted Jewelry, Bags, Hand-painted greeting cards, and so on. Livelihood Generation Program: Sales proceeds of hand-crafted products made by Women at our NGO ensure a steady source of income for the women we hope to better the lives of multitudes of families, as empowering a woman means empowering a family

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